When Did You First Fall In Love With Baseball?

My oldest (and I’m talking at least 30 years old) memory of baseball starts in southern Anne Arundel County, Maryland (“down the country” to anyone who lived North) in a small town called Galesville.

About 14 miles south of my hometown, Annapolis, and located along the short of the West River (an arm of the Chesapeake Bay), Galesville was a historic waterman’s village and believed to be the first Quaker settlement in Maryland. If you’ve never heard of Galesville, it’s okay…had my ancestors life in America not start there…neither would I.

For reference purposes…it’s here-ish:


Growing up, I spent a lot of time with my family down the country.

Playing outside (the old-school way) with my cousins in Edgewater; going to church with my grandmother in Harwood; cruising on boats with my grandfather off the coast of Shady Side and around the Chesapeake Bay; and in the Summer, on any given Saturday or Sunday afternoon, going to sandlot baseball games at Geno’s and Drury’s ball fields in Lothian or Tracey’s in Deale, with my mom and aunt.

However, the ball field in Galesville felt like home…the place to be. Perhaps that’s because every time we were there, we always ran into a cousin “so-and-so”…which turned into a long-winded conversation about how life was going, the family, the church, etc. I was a kid! All I wanted to do was run around in the dirt, watch some baseball, grab a grape soda and a hot dog or fried fish, look for fly balls, and play in the dirt some more.

Hot Sox dugout | Photo credit: Galesville Community Center

As a kid, I had very little knowledge of the game itself or that that ball field was set on property owned by Mr. Henry Wilson, a former freed slave and one of the first black men to own land in Galesville. It was the Home of the Galesville Hot Sox, and had even hosted a few Negro League teams back in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

My love of baseball would evolve from those days as I caught games at the Y in Annapolis and Orioles games at Camden Yards; or at the Os’ AA Affiliate the Bowie Baysox; even travelling to Woodbridge, VA for the Nationals’ own Class A Advanced Affiliate, the Potomac Nationals.

But it would be from my time down the country as a kid, that I would start to associate the sport of baseball with family, the summer heat, good cooking/food, and the feeling of…home. It’s no wonder I find the ballpark serene.

So, when did you fall in love with baseball?


Opening Day

Not to be confused with the official start of the MLB regular season.

But this is the day my journey starts…here. The day I begin to open up about my love for baseball, ballpark eats, and THE Washington Nationals!

I’m a newbie in this blogging world but I’m excited to share my experiences with you and I’m looking forward to seeing how this thing evolves.

I’m hoping you’ll join me for this ride. And a ride it will be…full of extreme highs and the biggest let downs. This sport isn’t for the weak at heart. It can progress slowly yet keep you on the edge of your seat. It’ll test your patience and your body’s sympathetic nervous system, through 9+ innings and then send your ass on what seems to be the longest walk back to the Navy Yard metro station…to wait on an overcrowded platform. Let me tell you, when walking away without a Curly W, the wait on that platform for the next train is waaaaay too long.

But baseball will also have you coming back. Coming back for one more win. For the double play. For the sweep. For the home run. For the who just called up from the Minors. For the no-hitter. For 161 more games. FOR THE NL EAST!

I know what some of you might be saying, “Baseball? Really?!”

Yesssssssssss baseball! Just watch…I’ll show you 🙂

Here are just a few of the amazing things happening season:

  • Spring Training 2018 | …in progress.
  • Opening Day 2018 | April 5 | vs. New York Mets
  • MLB 2018 All-Star Week | July 13 – 17 | Right here in WASHINGTON, DC!!!

Welcome to The Show!


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