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KB3_7630-xHi! I’m Nika — a native Marylander turned Washingtonian and I’m the woman behind the words and thoughts on this here blog. By day, I’m a public servant and during baseball season, I turn into an on-edge Nationals Fan during weekday games. To be honest, I’m usually the only one in most of my professional and social circles…the only Black woman that is. Which at first, made me a little uncomfortable and reluctant to even mention it. However, over the years I’ve learned to actually OWN IT and share more about it, hoping that my enthusiasm for the team and the sport, would encourage others to see the beauty of the game.

When I’m not at the ballpark,  I enjoy the usual gatherings with friends and family, volunteering, traveling, and getting out to explore DC and supporting the local businesses and initiatives.

About the Blog:

I started this blog to share my love for baseball with the hopes of shedding a light on women, especially black and brown women, who love the game and as a way to connect us. Also, I got tired of the judgmental looks and the “Baseball…really?!” or “Baseball is so boring.” or “You know you’re an anomaly right?” Yes, there is only one Nika but there are lots of women who love and can follow baseball.  I hope that through this blog and my iPhone I can provide you with a different perspective of the game including the fun and social aspect and perhaps encourage you to experience America’s Favorite Pastime yourself.


Why the name “Nika’s on First”?  Context is key here. “Who’s on first?” can mean who’s in charge or who’s taking a turn at X? Or one can literally mean, “Who’s on first base!”:

And we can’t forget Jimmy Fallon’s sequel:

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