#TBT NAT for Life!

Do blogs participate in #ThrowbackThursday too?! This one does!

It’s been a LONG time and there is much catching up to do. What better day to throw it back to one of my favorite highlights this season than Throwback Thursday?

So I had a ticket for our 8/7 rout against the Braves. The second half of a double header that day. It had already been a long day and having skipped the 1p game (mainly to avoid the humidity and the relentless sun), my attendance at the evening game was looking a little iffy. I thought for certain I would be giving away that game ticket. I received a call from Kofi, my (*ahem* the best) NATS Plus ticket rep, around 2:30p that afternoon confirming my attendance to the very game I wasn’t fully committed to attending. But then he told me that my season ticket renewal placed me in a contest and I WON! Something about a camera and I needed to be in my seat by the 6th inning.


My mind went into an over-analytical frenzy which subsequently resulted in what had to be the biggest knot in my stomach I’ve ever felt. What am I going to wear?! Should I wear make up?! OMG…how many people are going to be at the ballpark tonight?! What if I have to speak…will I fumble over my words?! What if I have food in my teeth?! What if I look like an idiot?! You get the picture.

I got dressed, keeping my outfit ballpark simple, by opting for this season’s Opening Day t-shirt giveaway and a pair of jean shorts. I brought a hat just in case.

I didn’t know what to expect. The entire metro ride I spent trying to convince myself how awesome it was going to be and to calm the hell down. It worked…for the time being.

I got into the park and before going to my seat, stopped by the Red Carpet Rewards Center to pick up my season plan holder pin. I gave my name and the woman responded, “Oh…you’re our NAT for Life”! Ohhkaaay. You see that woman was Maribel, the Member Services Manager, and she would be the one coming to my seat in the 6th inning along with a cameraman. Nice as she was, her excitement sent me right back into the loop of doubt, sweating, and stomach knots.

I went to my seat and kept it cool through most of the innings (which seemed to be longer than normal) until Maribel arrived and gave me an idea of what to expect. Then the camera arrived and shit got really real.

You guys…despite what felt like the longest (and most stressful) 20 seconds of my life…THIS…WAS…SO…AWESOME! 

Happy Thursday!

-Nika, NAT for Life (hehe)

Next up: My All-Star Week Experience (I know, months later)

Author: Nika's On First

Hey ya'll! It's me...Nika! I'm a native Marylander now residing in Washington, DC. I love the Washington Nationals and good food. When I'm not at the ballpark, I enjoy checking out new spots to eat, hiking, reading, arts and crafts, and cycling.

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